Not for pirates

The Society has been bottling casks of rum for some time now in addition to its whiskies. So it’s about time we delved into the subject of rum in more detail. To make August a little sweeter this year, we’ve composed a special tasting box for you – 5 x 5cl from four different distilleries: two from Jamaica, two from Guyana and one from Panama.

R1.5: A little extravagant
R11.8: Big and bountiful
R2.10: Explore, experience, enjoy!
R2.11: Goat farms, esters & vinyl funk
R9.6: Sugar sweet sunshine

For all those who want to deepen their Rum-Rhum-Ron knowledge I recommend the book by Pascal Kählin. As a comprehensive guide, it evaluates a multitude of different products and presents the most important distilleries based on his visits in detail in pictures and text: their history, local variations and peculiarities. The resulting Atlas of Rum tells its story from sailor’s drink to collector’s item: a reference book for experts and interested people!

I wish you enjoyable and beautiful summer days.


Patric Lutz
SMWS Switzerland llc