Outturn October 2019


There’s no such thing as one Society member, just like there’s no such thing as one whisky drinker. Meaning there’s no such thing as one whisky. The most beautiful thing is and remains the endless diversity and variety.

In this edition of Outturn, we’ve put together a selection of whiskies for you from very different casks. Whiskies that have been aged in Moselle wine barrels, in freshly toasted red wine barrels, in lightly toasted oak barrels and of course in former bourbon and oloroso barrels. Each different type of wood gives the whisky a new identity.

If you’re in the mood for something other than whisky, then try our new Cognac LRB1: A trifle delightful, the first Society XO Cognac Blend, or a wonderful 1998 Nicaragua Rum, the R8.6: Nicaraguan WD40 dunderfunk.

As different as we all are, a fascination with premium whisky and other Society bottlings ultimately unites us time and again. See you soon at one of our tasting events or wherever else our paths may cross.


Patric Lutz

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