A perfect summer whisky …

Beautiful summer days, blue skies, sunshine, high temperatures – this is what we look forward to in summer. However, summer also involves storms and the typical “petrichor”. For summer evenings like this we have the perfect dram: 46.93: Petrichor Quasar; a perfect summer whisky, sweet and spicy, 8 years old and first-fill ex-bourbon barrel. Depending on my inclination and mood, I serve it pure with a few drops of water or as a highball (tall glass, ice, whisky and soda water).

Petrichor is the scent of summer rain. The name comes from the Greek words for “stone” or “rock”, and “divine fluid”. The smell following rainfall is the result of an organic compound known as geosmin, which is produced and released by microbes, including a strain of bacteria called streptomyces. One time this happens is when the bacteria dies.

Quasar (also QSO for short, stands for quasi-stellar object) is the active nucleus of a galaxy which at visible wavelengths resembles star-like points of light and radiates extremely large amounts of energy into other wavelength ranges.

However, if you are looking for a bit of variety in summer, then I recommend our two gins – the GN3.3: Makes The Medigin Go Down and GN3.6: Smoking Jacket Gin. Both are great when enjoyed pure, on the rocks or as a classic gin and tonic.

My personal tip for the perfect gin and tonic: both the gin and the tonic bottles must be cold – so make sure you get them into the fridge. Pick up the glass, fill it with ice, stir just the ice for around 30 seconds (this chills the glass), pour away the water from any melted ice, then pour in the gin first and then the tonic over the ice and stir carefully. Garnish with a zest if desired – I find lemon zest the most refreshing with both gins.

I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Best wishes,

Patric Lutz
SMWS Switzerland llc