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Outturn May 2019

Spirit of Celebration

Welcome to May – a month to celebrate for whisky lovers wherever you are, and whether you’re able to travel to one of the festivals we’re going to be at this year. The SMWS is holding a variety of events and tastings for members at the Spirit of Speyside Festival, at the Campbeltown Malts Festival for the first time and of course the Islay Festival at the end of the month.

We have selected some awesome casks for our celebratory festival bottlings, and we have made sure to represent most of our 12 flavour profiles across this month’s Outturn – so there really is a bottling for everyone, whatever character you are looking for.

However, it is not all about our celebratory festival bottlings. Dig into this expansive Outturn and you can find some other gems such as Cask No. 1.209: Waxing a hot woodsman, a Spicy & Dry Speyside from a great refill barrel, which is herbal and fresh, at the same time spicy and earthy with smoked paprika, strawberry jelly, pine extract, hardwood resins, hot workshop wood shavings and much more.

Cask No. 38.24: Princes Street Gardens in summer is a beautiful Sweet, Fruity & Mellow summer-time dram from this closed Speyside distillery, perfect for a sunny May day with grassy notes, roses, flower beds, ice-cream vans and pastry wagons laden with donuts and churros.

And for a big Peated Highlander, check out Cask No. 16.36: Roasted pineapples and rejuvenated road surfaces from a re-charred hogshead – crack it open when it’s barbecue time to savour its aromas of roasting whole pineapples with black pepper and rum as well as chestnuts on the side of the freshly tarmacked road.

Whatever style of whisky you prefer; there is something for everyone here and online with a complete range of flavour profiles and loads of different cask types. Therefore, even if you are not travelling to any festivals this month, set up a tasting with your pals and let the whiskies transport you to another time and place.


Patric Lutz

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