Eerie-sistible drams

Various ‘Gathering’ events took place across the globe in September. In addition to our tastings, we are celebrating this with the latest single cask exclusively for Switzerland. As was the case a year ago, the tasting note was written by our members: 70.47: Nana’s squeaking toy chest.

The name of this bottling comes from our member Raphael Lingg. A big thank you to all other members for taking part. I hope you all had fun.

As well as the latest bottlings from Scotland, you can also discover four whiskies from other regions. Two of them are from Wales – 128.20: Delightfully bonkers and 128.21: Patchwork dragon and two are from the USA – 140.12: Little dram on the prairie and CW1.5: Cinnamon sins.

And you will, of course, find the next article in the current issue of Outturn in the series ‘Where flavour comes alive’ – this time headed up by the peat trilogy; with the ‘lightly peated’ profile, naturally.

Finally, if you can’t find anything you like in the current issue of Outturn, I recommend visiting our web shop where you can find a wide selection of older bottlings; all in no way less exciting.

Have fun perusing!

Patric Lutz

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