Christmas Parcels

It’s here again, the time when it gets dark earlier and tempts us to end the days cosily – with or without a fire. At the same time, the end of the year is approaching – sometimes with anticipation, but sometimes also with stress about everything we should or want to do. Our latest Outturn is packed with bottlings aged between 4 and 31 years, from Scotland of course, but also from France via Israel to Taiwan and from the Caribbean.

Distillery profile: Warenghem, Brittany

The region of Brittany in northwest France and the Highlands of Scotland have more in common that you might imagine. Building upon this connection in the modern day, Warenghem distillery has developed a diverse single malt whisky inspired by Scotch and the unrelenting spirit of the Celtic Sea, as Society writer Julien Willems explains.

Spookily Good Spirits

In our October Outturn, we celebrate diversity within the whisky world and beyond. Aptly titled “United in Spirit”, Julien Willems reports on how the Society has remained curious from Irish to Japanese bottlings and celebrates diversity in the international whisky world.

Sensory Sippers

The hustle and bustle around our 40th anniversary goes into the next round! With the Exp. #1 you will find a cask experiment combining whisky and chilli after 27 years of production; we actually made it just for fun. Let it inspire you – probably not a “sipping drink”.

Magic Numbers

During the Second World War, British codebreakers spent months decrypting German military communications hidden in ciphers produced by the Enigma machine. The Enigma codes were bewilderingly complex, but the intelligence information that was gained when they were finally broken proved vital in changing the course of the war and, ultimately, the course of history.