G16 Dark ‘n’ Stormy Crème Brûlée

The small-batch single grain Dark ‘n’ Stormy Crème Brûlée, from distillery G16 is the outliner amongst the single malts.

“G16 Dark ‘n’ Stormy Crème Brûlée has an interesting back story, with a new distillery code because it will be the 16th grain whisky that we’ve bottled at the Society,” says Euan. “It’s the result of a custom distillation that we carried out in when we did a special project to distil our own bourbon-style mash bill at distillery 156 back in April 2016.

“We took a bit of trans-Atlantic inspiration for this one, using some different grains and creating a mashbill of 58 per cent corn, 21 per cent malted barley and 21 per cent unmalted rye. It was distilled in a pot still, which is unusual for a grain whisky, and then matured in heavily charred 24-month air seasoned new oak barrels from Kelvin Cooperage in the US, with toasted heads added to the casks to create even more flavour. We bottled this at 6-years old and at 50% abv, as a nod to the “bottled in bond” strength you find in the US. It’s certainly one of a kind, a custom distillation never to be repeated, and utterly delicious.”