Sensory Sippers

The hustle and bustle around our 40th anniversary goes into the next round!

With the Exp. #1 you will find a cask experiment combining whisky and chilli after 27 years of production; we actually made it just for fun. Let it inspire you – probably not a “sipping drink”.

The number games about the founding year 1983 take their course with the bottling 19.83: From Vienna to Athens. A classic 19-year-old Highland whisky from a 1st fill ex-bourbon cask.

And if you want to delve far deeper into the Society’s founding years, you can do so with the new edition of Pip Hill’s book “The Founders Tale” – and why not accompany it with a dram of 1.285: Afternoon tea party from the distillery where it all began.

The abstruse idea of filling a barrel with whisky and chillies led me to think about what other strange barrels would actually be allowed. I found what I was looking for in Tom Bruce-Gardyne’s article from August 2019, which I hope will also give you an exciting insight.

Last but not least, you will also find all tasting dates until the end of the year in the current Outturn – we will see you again!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and Slàinte Mhath!

Patric Lutz

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