Cotswolds Distillery

In this month we present the first Cotswolds Distillery Society bottling; 146.1: Orangudram. In a short interview, the distillery’s founder and CEO explains how it came about and what makes this distillery so unique. As always, the bottlings from the first barrel of a distillery are extremely sought after and since we only have 18 bottles for Switzerland, we will hold a raffle draw for members.

As a society we believe in the symbiotic relationship between different distillates. This is best shown when barrels of other distillates are used to achieve complex aromas and flavours. For Blended Malt BAT.9: Black Oak, the Armagnac barrels made of black Gascon oak from the A6.1 and A7.1 bottlings were used to develop the whisky’s fruity aromas. Let us surprise you.

You will also find all tasting dates until next June in the hope that we will be able to hold them as before. I am still optimistic.

Have a great time and Slàinte Mhath.

Patric Lutz

Download Outturn (PDF)