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This issue of Outturn centres around the flavour profile ‘Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits’. There are six different bottlings ranging from 9 to 31 years for you to discover.

Much of this category is made up of sherry casks, as is usual for this profile. All of them have spent some time in a second cask, with a wide variety of cask sizes being used: from a 250-litre hogshead to a 500-litre butt or a 225-litre barrique to a 550-litre port pipe.

Some of these casks even previously contained Oloroso sherry. Produced entirely by oxidative ageing, Oloroso sherry has a fragrant nutty taste (‘Oloroso’ means ‘scented’ in Spanish). Other casks contained PX (Pedro Ximénex) sherry, a very rich and sweet sherry with a strong raisin-like flavour.

And the 64.123: Red Alert, entirely to be expected, spent its final two years ageing in a first fill port barrique.

If you do not like this flavour profile, then you will surely also find one or two bottlings in our magazine, or you can also take a look at our webshop – it’s worth stopping by to take a look at the just over 70 different bottlings currently available.

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Patric Lutz

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