Outturn August 2019

A game of two ‘haufs’

The second half of the year has already begun, and for most, the summer holidays are already nearing their end. The current edition of Outturn is intended to provide you with a wee bit of variety and, hopefully, to offer you a couple of new discoveries.

Cask 46.79: Chocolate, Cream and malted Bali is ideally suited to a»Hauf’n’Hauf” experiment. If you ever order this in Scotland, you’ll be given a whisky and half a pint of beer. Test this out with a couple of the countless local speciality beers and discover your own combination of perfect harmony. If you feel like it, you can even share your discoveries with the other members via our Facebook page; I’d be delighted if you did.

And to conclude, we’ll be crossing the big pond: Cask 140.3: Nik nak woody wack was distilled in Texas and finished in a first-fill ex-bourbon cask. It therefore has been assigned to the»juicy, oak and vanilla” flavour profile.

Besides our 17 new releases, there are more than 50 other bottlings in our webshop.

So, I hope you all have fun rummaging around and discovering, and I’m already looking forward to the tastings in September.


Patric Lutz

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