Where does your whisky take you?

Always on the lookout for variety, you can currently discover four bottlings from distilleries that we have rarely seen in Switzerland or in general in recent times. We have bottled less than 50 casks from three of these distilleries in over 40 years of society.

11.44: Wine and pine – 8 years old and matured in a 1st fill toasted ex-white wine barrique; 105.32: Red delicious – this whisky is not named after an apple variety for nothing, the flavours are reminiscent of a whole apple grove, 12 years old and matured in a 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrel; 13.102: Bubbling brown sugar – 10 years old and spent the first half of its maturation in an ex-bourbon barrel and the second in a 1st fill Spanish oak ex-Oloroso hogshead; 100.42: Mochi and chicharrónes – 12 years old and spent its last 3 years in a 1st fill American oak ex-Oloroso hogshead.

I know from conversations that some members have bought casks from distilleries in Scotland. Until not so long ago, this was possible at many distilleries. But when the time comes to bottle after 10 years, some people wonder what to do with all those bottles. If you are one of them, then selling the cask to the Society might be an option – read more about this in the current Outturn.

Enjoy browsing, learning and discovering.

Patric Lutz

Start of sales: Saturday, 8 June in our Online-Shop