Strikingly different …

As whisky lovers, we try again and again to remember new impressions of different types of whisky. It’s not just about knowing where it comes from but about assigning individual characters. At first, such a listing might start with criteria, such as – peaty malts coming from Islay, sweet honey and vanilla coming from Speyside, etc. – but over time this gets a lot more complex. A possible way to experience and deepen this is to taste whisky from the same distillery but with different characters, one next to the other.

This month, we will cross the Irish Sea and introduce you to the exclusive whisky “51.14: Alluring fruits and spices”. From previous outturns we still have a few bottles of “51.6: A Fruity Smooch” and “51.11 Irish Danger Juice”. So this is the ideal trilogy for waging such an experiment. Although all were matured in 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon barrels, each bottling has developed its very own character.

If distillery 51 does not suit you, then you can make the same from the current offer also with distillery 53: 53.255 / 53.264 / 53.270, with distillery 66: 66.119 / 66.125 / 66.135, with distillery 112: 112.28 / 112.31 / 112.33 or even with distillery 123: 123.20 / 123.21 / 123.26.

So that you can record your notes even easier, we have created a template for a detailed tasting sheet or as an alternative with a 3-piece placemat on which you can also capture any impressions you have. Just download the files here:

Tasting Sheet (PDF)
3-piece Placement (PDF)

Patric Lutz
SMWS Switzerland llc